Highlight Reels

$ 249.00

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1)  Pick your 10 or 20 best plays and submit timecodes using the ONLINE HIGHLIGHT FORM

2)  Standard Delivery is up to 20 business days and 5 business for expedited highlight reels.

3)  Highlights are posted to the GameTime YouTube channel and you'll receive a master file.

    • "Great image quality, disciplined camerawork. It's also encouraging that you have lower prices than anyone else."
      Rob Edwards - Parent
    • "GameTime gave my son an invaluable way to be seen by college coaches. They're easy to work with and their product is First Class!"
      Kera Storrs - Parent
    • "Your footage was outstanding!....much better than the other company who provided footage of our team’s games in Maryland."
      Steve Colvin - Coach
    • "Just wanted you to know that Matt has committed to play D1. Thank you for all of your video support - you guys are fantastic."
      Evelina Del Duca - Parent